Month: February 2020

Functional parts of the wet-dry shop vacuum

In modern sanitary equipment today, it is possible to mention industrial wet-dry shop vacuums with many essential benefits brought to human life. For the machine to perform well the task of cleaning, it is impossible not to say the vacuum cleaner accessories — for instance, dust filter bags, dust containers, etc.

Some things that come with industrial vacuums are wet-dry shop vacuum accessories. That supports the machine to perform well the function of dry – wet dust collector, which is preferred by many users today in industrial cleaning. Dust filter bags, dust containers, vacuum tables, water tables, and hoses are essential industrial vacuum cleaner accessories. They help the machine to perform the task of cleaning the dirt. However, no one is aware of the function of these accessories. The following information will help you understand the roles and functions of those departments; help you use these accessories more effectively, more safely, and improve the quality of hygiene.

The function of a dust filter bag

Most of today’s factory vacuum cleaners incorporate dust filter bags. The dust filter bag is composed of a bag frame made of durable ABS and thick cloth bag outside. The dust bag is made of dust filter cloth, usually made from synthetic fibers to limit moisture absorption and durable.

Dust filter bag has a role of preventing dust from entering the engine, causing the engine to return. When the wet-dry shop vacuum is dirty, this dirt will be sucked into the machine from the suction table through a flexible tube, stainless steel guide tube into the dust container. The dust collector of the factory vacuum cleaner is placed between the machine head and the box, preventing dust from the vessel from spreading to the machine head, causing damage to the engine.

Also, dust filter bags will help filter micro dust particles, prevent these dust particles from spreading back to polluting the environment, adversely affecting human health.

Dust container function

Dust containers of large-capacity vacuum cleaners are usually made of stainless steel, while others can be made of plastic. Dust container used to store dust from outside. Dust containers come in various capacities, depending on the model. This is also a factor that users need to consider when choosing to buy industrial vacuum cleaners to choose the machine that suits the sanitary needs.

The function of the vacuum table

The vacuum table is fitted in the factory vacuum tube, directly in contact with the surface to be cleaned. It performs the role of vacuuming all dry dirt, debris, small screws, and sucking in and out through the hose to the dust container. Without this component, industrial vacuum cleaners also cannot perform the task of vacuuming dirt.

Wet-dry shop vacuums also come in different sizes, depending on the model of the industrial vacuum cleaner that the user uses. During use, users should pay attention to hygiene and maintenance of vacuum tables periodically so that this accessory always promotes excellent performance. It would be best if you cleaned by removing, removing hair, wool fibers, and things that stick to the vacuum table.

The function of the water suction table

The suction table is also a critical vacuum cleaner accessory when users want to use an industrial vacuum cleaner to vacuum wet, dirty water. And chemicals spilled on the surface to be cleaned. In the structure of the water table, there are long rubber leaves, supporting the process of absorbing water, wet dust. This rubber leaf can be replaced if worn out for long periods. Depending on the model of industrial vacuum cleaner in use, users will choose the appropriate type of water suction table.

The function of a soft tube vacuum cleaner

The hose of the vacuum cleaner is responsible for connecting slot nozzle, round brush or stainless steel guide pipe, leading dirt, dirty water from the suction head into the dust container. Hoses with one head-mounted directly into the machine, one end fitted with stainless steel guide pipe or suction nozzle, round brush, assist the tool to perform the task of vacuuming dry and wet dirt.

During use, users also need to pay attention to cleaning the hoses, replace them if the hoses are cracked to avoid affecting the machine operation.

In conclusion

Above are the role and function of some vital factory vacuum cleaner accessories that users can consult. Hopefully, through this article, you can better understand the features and tasks of industrial wet-dry shop vacuums to use them most effectively and safely.